Staging Your Home for Sale . . .

Puts MORE Money in YOUR pocket!

Is it a pain? Yes.

Is it inconvenient? Yes.

Will it attract more buyers and higher offers? YES YES YES!

Room by room . . . these are some basic tips that will work in any home. These ideas
will simplify the look of your home- so buyers can see themselves and their own things
in place – and hopefully the result will be OFFERS! The number one thing to remember . . .

LESS is MORE when staging.


Unless the buyers arrive blind-folded, the first thing they will see is your yard and the front exterior of your house.

• Keep the yard nicely manicured- grass cut, shrubs shaped and clipped.

• Trim trees branches away that might be obstructing the view of your home.

• Remove yard ornamentation and let plants make a statement instead.

• Paint the front door – any color will work as long as it matches the trim.

• Put out a new welcome mat – something neutral like "WELCOME." Nothing with

  the family name or personal statements.
• If exterior paint needs touching up- this is the time to do it.

• Wash windows and spray window screens down to remove dust and debris.


The entryway to your home should be like the "walk to fame." It is like a preview of what is to
come as buyers continue into the heart of your home.

• Remove all shoes, jackets, bags etc . . . that

  tend to accumulate in this area of the home.
• Keep entry rugs clean and use neutral colors
  without patterns if possible.
• Hang a mirror in the entry – but remove all
  personal photos.

Buyers are looking for SIZE in this room. They will be attempting to picture their own furniture placement when they look around in this space.

• Remove any heavy/opaque
  draperies. Use sheers or blinds only on windows. Tilt blinds half-open in this room -but allow them to hang full length.
• Float furniture away from the walls if possible- and where possible. Showing a walk-
  way around furniture pieces creates the look of more space -while showing a defined area in the room for seating.
• Remove extra pieces of furniture that are taking up space. Your Realtor can help you
  determine which pieces to keep and which ones to remove.
• Remove ALL collectibles, personal photos, and nick-nacks. Pack them away -you are
  moving anyway so this task will already be done. Buyers are looking for NEAT- CLEAN- UNCLUTTERED. It may pain you to do without your things for a few weeks- but it WILL make for a better showing and buyers will spend MORE time in your home looking.
• NO LACE, NO RUFFLES, if you decorate in this style- pack these items away and use
  them in your new house.
• Dust furniture, blinds and ceiling fans.
• Wall color…neutral – but not white. Fresh paint in any room is a great way to bring
  "newness" to the look.
• Clean floors – shampoo carpets.
• If you use air fresheners- keep the scent light and clean. Strong florals are a turn off
  for most buyers.

Simply put . . . Kitchens Sell Houses. This is one of . . if not THE most important room in your house

when selling.

  Clear your counter tops to the maximum you can stand. Put away decor- appliances and dishes. Yes it will look plain and empty- but trust me when I say…this is what buyers want to see.
• Keep this room in pristine condition…meaning CLEAN. You never know when I a buyer
  may show up – and this room takes the longest to clean at the last minute.
• Remove clutter and decor from the tops of wall cabinets.

• Remove ALL items from the outside of the refrigerator. All magnets, kids art,

  notes . .  .etc . . . take them down.
• Keep sponges, rags, towels etc… under the sink- not on or in the sink.

• Allow as much light as possible in this area.

• If you have additional storage pieces in your kitchen that do not convey with the house

  pack stored items away- and remove the storage piece. Keeping it for buyers to see only says "this house does not have enough storage space."
• Brighten up wood cabinetry with "Liquid Gold" or a fresh coat of paint.

• If your cabinetry is dated- and you aren’t replacing it for the sale- add a new updated

  set of hardware for a more modern look.
• No rugs – and keep the floor in IMMACULATELY CLEAN condition.

• Go easy on the wall decor in the kitchen – too much just creates a cluttered look.


Bathrooms are very important spaces that buyers are paying particular attention to when shopping. Space and convenience are big players when it comes to bathrooms.

• Since bathrooms are the smallest rooms in the house…illusion often times creates the

  look of more space. Use neutral colors for walls and accessories. The lighter the color- the bigger the room will appear.
• Display towels in a basket

• Remove ALL items from the counter top. Store your personal items under the sink or

  in drawers.
• Shower curtains should be a solid color and remain pulled closed.

• This should go without saying- but keep the toilet CLEAN and the lid closed at all times.

• Use high wattage light bulbs for maximum lighting

• Use hampers with lids – or store dirty laundry elsewhere where it can not be seen.

• Scrub tiles and grout for a new fresh look.

• Most important- keep it neat.


Buyers are looking for one thing in a bedroom . . . space. Apply the "less is more" theory here.

• Remove unnecessary furniture
  items in all bedrooms. Leave the bed, nightstand and maybe a dresser or chest.
• Use a bed skirt to hide the bed
  frame and anything stored under the bed.
• Use solid color comforters and pillow shams OR simply use a solid crisp sheet tucked
  under the mattress and solid/matching pillow cases.
• Clear nick-nacks and personal photos from dressers and nightstands.

• Pull back drapes and/or open blinds to allow light into the room- this creates the look

  of more space.
• Keep floor space clear of clutter – to show walk space and flow through room.

As you can probably tell by now – the theme in staging your home is SIMPLIFY! If you need some inspiration – visit a few model homes in your area that have been staged by professionals. These homes will give you and idea of what buyers are attracted to- and then you can apply these ideas in your own home.

Ask your Realtor for advice or consult with a designer for more ideas. And remember- the advice isn’t to insult you – it is to HELP you make MORE MONEY on the sale of your home- and faster!!

I have been a seller myself- and yes it is a pain to keep your home in pristine showing condition at all times- but it is a MUST when you make the commitment to put your home on the market. Everyone in the household can pitch in and help a little everyday.

I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a cluttered -messy- over furnished home with my own buyers- and in 10 seconds they are ready to leave- and DO leave. Even when I knew what the house "could" be because I was familiar with the floorplan- the buyers weren’t as open minded.

Unless your house is the ONLY house on the market- you must make yours the BEST house on the market. All of the other "for sale" homes are your competition…if yours is the best- it will show and sell as such.

I hope these tips and suggestions help you with staging your home for sale. If you decide to employ me as your Realtor in the Fort Hood area – my staging advice for your home is complementary! I will walk through each room of your home and together we will make a list of things to do that will make your home SHINE on the market!! Please let me know how I can assist you with your home for sale in the Killeen Texas market.

Paula Raymond